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Two Electrons

5.10.12 - Various Gridiron Songs
Haven't updated in the site in a while, because we haven't worked on anything major. But we have recorded several songs relating to Gridiron in the last year, so I uploaded all 4 of those. They're available on the audio page: Coal Car Full of Respect, Die Schweinhunds Von Berlin, Provo Plague Sucks, and Undulation. Put a bird on it!

01.13.11 - Skeleton Man, Eastbound and Down
Uploaded two fancy new songs, though admittedly they were both recorded last year. Two Electrons has really been slacking so far in 2011. We are filled with shame for our ancestors before us. However, we hope you enjoy these two new ditties. Shrimp and white wine for everyone!

10.22.10 - Heinrich Gorilla
Heinrich Gorilla. He's an albino gorilla that uses guns, dune buggies, and hang gliders. Don't listen to the song because you're jealous -- listen because it's a good song. Also, it might just be me, but I think the ogg version of this peaks a lot -- the mp3 version doesn't, so, be warned. I'll get around to re-encoding it sometime to see if I can fix it, but not today. I'm too busy rocking to the sounds of Heinrich blowing things up.

08.13.10 - Dr. Borgenstein
The second ever original from Two Electrons just hit the streets! Be the first on your block to download Dr. Borgenstein, an epic tale about redemption, revenge, and romance!

06.26.10 - Three New Covers
We've been a bit slack in working on originals, but we made no bones about recording three covers this weekend. Bad Moon Rising, Runaround Sue, and Sunny Afternoon all await you on the audio page. Please to enjoy!